Plan for tomorrow's workforce, today

Workforce planning is about helping you to shape your workforce to ensure that it’s capable of delivering your organisational objectives – now and into the future. At Chandler Macleod Asia, we assist clients in aligning human resource strategies within a strategic planning framework to continually deliver the right people in the right places at the right time. This approach enables our clients who face intense competition for talent to achieve successful business outcomes and cope with rapidly changing market conditions.

Our tailored workforce planning solutions will assist you to:

  • Anticipate the impact of labour market trends on your workforce

  • Identify your top talent in critical job roles and ensure you have a plan in place to attract and retain them

  • Enable you to effectively budget for the human component of your strategic growth plans

  • Establish the workforce composition required to meet your immediate and longer-term requirements

  • Facilitate rapid and strategic response to change – expected or unexpected

  • Protect corporate memory and mitigate the risk of IP loss through targeted succession planning

  • Deliver clear governance and consistent reporting to external stakeholders

  • Identify which skills and occupations within your organisation are at risk of turnover, will require retraining or upskilling, or will require additional talent acquisition

  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions in non-core labour force.