Tailoring Recruitment Solutions to Suit Your Needs.

Chandler Macleod provides a tailored service offering approach to the complete recruitment process that’s specific to the needs at each level of your organisation, ranging from automated assessments for high volume requirements and semi-skilled roles, through to premium assessments for senior executives.

We provide Psychometric tests, Aptitude & Cognitive Ability tests as well as customisable surveys via an automated assessment tool that clients and candidates can access from anywhere at any time, allowing our clients to access, schedule and manage their bespoke assessments online. Our Flexible Recruitment Support Services are ideal for clients who can manage parts of the recruitment process in house and only need to outsource specific functions.

Customised recruitment support

At Chandler Macleod we understand that as business changes your people solutions must adapt. You need agility without compromising your return on investment, productivity, or most importantly the culture you have worked so hard to build.

With this is mind we have designed a range of recruitment support functions for your business:

  • Are you having difficulties sourcing the right candidates?

  • Do you need assistance in delivering high quality reference checks, phone screens or interviews?

  • Could you use help to onboard your successful candidates in a more cost-effective way?

Chandler Macleod have processes designed to look and feel like your business, that run through our systems. That means there is no compromise to your employee brand, while fast and efficient recruitment services are working in the background. This frees you up to do what you do best, enabling your productivity to increase.

Our delivery model is flexible and so we can work with you on a project, national or large scale basis, or support you locally on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis. Talk to us about your needs and we will tailor a solution that fits your capability and timeframes.

Your way is the best way

Each step of the recruitment process can be viewed as a component that can be delivered by our project recruitment team in partnership with you. We become part of your business, we talk like you, and we answer the phone like you; ensuring none of your brand integrity is lost.

Our Flexible Recruitment Support Services are ideal if you are looking for people solutions that are flexible as changes occur, be it monthly, yearly, on a project basis, or as external influences arise, such as changes in technology and market conditions.

We apply our project planning methodology to scope the plans, approvals, processes and tools that will enhance what you do with a focus on agile and efficient support.


Core recruitment support

As an alternative to a complete outsourced hiring solution, Chandler Macleod offers support services which can be selected individually to support your needs, even as they change over time. Chandler Macleod offers clients recruitment functions including the following:

  • Phone screening

  • CV screening

  • Shortlisting (candidate ranking against selection criteria)

  • Verification of qualifications and visa requirements

  • Booking and administration of assessment

  • Interviews - full end to end with support and/or report

  • Reference checking

  • Mobilisation services, such as pre-employment medicals, inductions and onboarding


Chandler Macleod’s Recruitment Support team can:

  • enable a focus on core business and strategic HR functions

  • control recruitment spending

  • support improved productivity within your existing team

  • rapidly deploy new project teams

  • offer flexibility to choose the services you need

  • deliver increased speed and efficiency for recruitment processes

  • mitigate risk through safety, pre-employment medicals and screening

  • access local, national and international CMG resources.

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