At Chandler Macleod Group, we specialise in finding the role, team, culture and organisation that’s the right fit for you; thereby increasing not only your performance, but your overall fulfilment at work. We do this through our proven recruitment process that’s been tried and tested over 50 years – a process we call BestFitTM.

Through a combination of competency analysis, behavioural interview techniques and psychometric assessment tools, this process allows us to understand whether you possess each of the following before matching you to your ideal job:

  • The necessary skills, abilities and experience to perform the job to the required standard

  • The right level of motivation to do the job

  • The personality type to fit within the broader culture of the organisation

When these three measures align, that’s when your potential can truly be unleashed.

Psychometric Testing – try it for yourself

Try our free 5 minute assessment. It will give you a snapshot of your personality type and general working style as well as showing you just how easy it can be to complete an online assessment. The full assessment used as part of our recruitment process takes 60 to 90 minutes to assess your skills accurately - through a series of verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests. So five minutes won't assess every detail of your personality, but it will provide an interesting snapshot.

It's also free, fun and anonymous!

Click here to begin.

Have you found your BestFit™ role?

Stories abound of high powered, but unhappy executives whose sea-change or gamble on a new career has transformed their life. But the right role doesn’t always have to be a drastic measure, a large risk or even a particularly unusual step. The best person-job-environment fit is possible in the smallest (or largest) organisation and at the most junior (or senior) role.

Often though, as we climb the corporate ladder we begin to lose sight of what we wanted out of our careers in the first place. It’s important to take some time out to remind yourself of your work values from time to time. If these aren’t being met in your current position, this could be impacting your performance, motivation, job satisfaction, and quality of life. Learning more about yourself allows you to make more informed decisions as to the environment or career in which you will perform best.

If you believe your current role is not the ideal fit for you, then it’s time to engage with your local Chandler Macleod Group team about your next opportunity.