How to use Social Media in Your Job Search

How To Use Social Media In Your Job Search Focus Image

Social media is becoming increasingly helpful when it comes to job searching. Whether it be by connections, by job postings or by following pages there are more and more jobs available away from traditional job boards. However, it’s not always an easy ocean to navigate when creating an online presence or when reaching out to recruiters.

We want to help. Here are some simple tips that can help you get started and make sure you’re avoiding any common mistakes that can occur when using social media in your job search journey!

Where to start?

  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and reasonably filled out.

  • Have new resumes ready to send out in case someone asks.

  • Google yourself and find out what you want to be deleted or removed.

  • Clean up your social media channels. Get rid of inappropriate photo’s or posts that you think may reflect negatively on you.

  • Join job groups and follow recruitment companies that will often post jobs online. Make sure to keep an eye out for industry-specific pages.

  • Start to interact with posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Offer valuable comments or shares, this will give you a positive online presence and insight into your personality.

When contacting recruitment companies or recruiters:

  • Use professional language and proper sentence structure. Proofread your messages. Avoid using slang. Think of it as writing a shorter email, not just a direct message.

  • Even via Facebook which can sometimes give us the illusion of being more casual, make sure you are presenting yourself positively and professionally.

  • Don’t abuse people for not replying. Often times there are real humans on the other end, sometimes in different time zones or in a place where they might not have the right answer straight away. They’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

  • Avoid being rude in general it won’t reflect well. In fact, if applying for a role and you show good courtesy you may even be mentioned internally in a positive light.

  • Let people know of your circumstances if you are looking for a job. Are you a citizen of in the country you are applying? Are you currently working? What kind of job specifically are you looking for?

We will be updating this blog with new tips as they arise! After all, the digital age is ever-evolving. Check back soon if you need more information.

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