How Greg Unleashed his Potential

Gregs Story Unleashing Potential

​Greg works as a contractor for Chandler Macleod in New South Wales. He shared with us a little about how he came to work here, why he loves it and how it unleashed his potential.

“ 5 years ago I was made redundant from my role in which I had worked for 10 years. At the time, I was unsure what it was that I wanted to do, so I decided that contract work was a good start. I wanted to get exposure to different roles and different work sites. I registered with Chandler Macleod and have been offered a steady stream of work which fits with my skills and even in some roles that I didn’t even consider might be a good fit.  Being a casual has allowed me to explore many different sites, different industries and different people. I also have a young family so being able to choose when I want work has allowed me to be more present with my kids school and sporting activities.”   

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