5 tips from the experts for refreshing your resume in 2019

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​If the only time you refresh your resume is when you’re looking for a new job, you’re probably selling yourself short. Refreshing your resume regularly allows you to keep information current and accurate while you still remember all the finer details of your position, projects and accomplishments.

With only minimal time to catch the eye of the hiring manager or recruiter (reportedly 7.5 seconds!), your resume needs to be relevant and role specific.

So, refreshing your resume in 2019 is essential, but where to start? We’ve compiled 5 quick tips from our experts for updating your resume in 2019!

1. Update your current position description

Update your resume with your current position at the top. Then run down the page in reverse chronological order. Now is a good time to add in any projects you have worked on or specific skills required in this job. Remember, you will tailor this each time you’re applying for a new position, so the key is to get down the specifics so that you don’t forget them when it comes time to apply.

2. Make role descriptions achievement oriented

Rather than list a range of responsibilities or tasks you did in your role, focus instead on the outcomes or achievements that you produced while working there. An easy way to do this is to use the PAR method –

Problem – what was the situation or problem that needed to be addressed

Action – what skills/tools did you use to address the task

Result – what was the result of your actions

An example of an achievement orientated statement for an administration position might be:

"developed a new digital filing procedure using my affinity for organisation which reduced time spent looking for required files"

Always try and start sentences with an action verb – for example ‘managed,’ ‘implemented,’ or ‘developed.’

3. Update structure and format

Make sure your resume has a modern and updated structure. Making it clear, easy to read and easy to see your overall career history is key. Make sure you:

  • Use simple layouts with clearly marked section headers

  • Align text left

  • Include an overview or detailed executive summary at the top of the resume

  • Include a skills section to allow the reader to quickly identify key skills and attributes which match the role

Writing Resume

4. Remove fluff

The worst performing resumes have a reliance on keyword stuffing. Go over your resume and check for:

  • Sentences which could convey the same message in a more succinct way

  • Repeat sentences and task/role descriptions

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Roles which are similar or at the same company which could be combined

  • Information or jargon that is company and not industry specific

  • Cliché words like “multitasking” and “goal driven” – be specific about what it is you bring to the table.

5. Update your references

There are two schools of thought when it comes to including referee names on a resume but if you decide to include them, make sure to touch base with your referees regularly to keep your network current – no one likes to be contacted by a past work colleague only when they want something.

Contact your references and let them know you’re updating your resume but not currently looking and ask if it’s OK to continue to list them as a reference for future positions. It is always better to have a more recent reference if possible.


We don’t recommend putting referees on resumes, but if you think listing them may enhance your resume, then do it.

Anna McNaughton, GM – Career and Change, Chandler Macleod People Insights


An updated and current resume is essential for your career – you never know when the next opportunity is lurking. One final tip…after updating your paper document, make sure you head over to Linkedin and update your digital version. Whilst your Linkedin profile won’t exactly match your paper document, there should be a general match and no anomalies. Check out our recent blog on your digital presence – Is your Online Presence Affecting Your Job Hunt?

If you’re ready to unleash your potential, Chandler Macleod has thousands of jobs available right now. Head to www.chandlermacleod.com to search for jobs and register for job alerts.

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